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Laila Rose

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In honor of Laila Rose. Born a fighter, and always will be. CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia) Warrior. Born with a rare genetic disorder that only has 65 confirmed cases. Born with microphthalmia (very small eyes). Born completely blind. She was the happiest girl you’d ever meet. She was brave, smart, happy, and strong. She made a huge impact on the short 2.5 years she was here on earth. She made a difference in anyone’s life that met her. She is forever loved and missed.
6/25/18-4/23/21 ❤️ - Kaitlin Gonzalez, Mama.

The stone size pictured is a 10mm. This bracelet is available in sterling silver, rose gold filled, and gold filled.

It can be created with any of your inclusions- breastmilk, formula, ashes, a lock of hair, placenta powder, dried flowers, or umbilical cord. Only 5-10 mls of breastmilk or formula is needed. If you would like to add another inclusion, please consult with me first. Please note that your keepsake stone color and/or shade can vary depending on the inclusions you send.

Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email within minutes with detailed instructions on how to send your inclusions to me. Once the package is received with your inclusions, the "Check Status" page on the home page menu drop down, will be updated with the order number to let you know we have received it.

Now you will wait for your inclusions to be professionally preserved and set-in crystal-clear resin.

Turnaround time is updated at the top of the page. This time is estimated from the moment we receive your inclusions to the time we ship your beautiful keepsake!

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