Our Process

Turning your inclusions into beautiful pieces of jewelry entails various phases, however, I ensure I follow a seamless process. Helping you understand the process only builds trust as you are sending me your most valuable pieces.

Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to empower you!


Step 1: Choosing Your Keepsake
Browse the website for your perfect keepsake. Find the piece you love, choose your size, metal color, inclusions, and more! If you need to confirm your ring size but cannot wait to purchase - please place a note at check out that you will confirm your ring size (within 3-5 days). 
Step 2: Shipping Your Breastmilk
Yay! You've placed your order! Your next step is you will need to gather your inclusions and ship them to me. In your confirmation email, you will have packaging and shipping instructions including the address of where you will be sending them to. 
*How to package and ship based on the specific inclusion:
  • Breastmilk
    • It can be frozen, fresh, expired, or warm. The condition of your milk is acceptable if no mold is present. 
    • Between 5-10 mls is REQUIRED. Prior to shipping, please put the breastmilk in a sterile storage bag and seal it tightly. Next, put that sterile storage bag in a GALLON size storage bag and securely seal it. After bagging your breastmilk, bag it one more time. If the breastmilk were to leak during transit, I will have the chance to save it all with it being double (or triple) bagged. LABEL the bag with your name and order number.
  • Formula
    • Send a tablespoon in a tightly sealed bag. Label with your name and order number.
  • Dried Placenta Powder 
    • If it is encapsulated, send 1 pill. 
    • If it is in a bag, less than a tablespoon is needed. Label with your name and order number.
  • Dried Umbilical Stump
    • Crushed or small pieces of the stump is REQUIRED. The entire umbilical stump doesn't need to be sent. If the entire stump is sent, it is sent back.  Label with your name and order number.
  • Ashes/Sand/Formula/Soil:
    • Send 1/2 a tablespoon in a tightly sealed bag labeled with your name and order number.
  • Dried Flowers (Funeral/Wedding)
    • These MUST be dried prior to sending due to potential mold that can occur during transit. You can leave these outsides under the sun to dry completely. They will have a "crinkle" effect to them to be ready. Please send many petals for variations in color. Label with your name and order number.
  • Fabric (Piece of clothing, baby sock, baby blanket, etc)
    • Cut a piece of the fabric and place it in a tightly sealed bag.  Label with your name and order number.
  • Lock of Hair
    • Place the lock of hair in a piece of paper and fold it in half, then place it in a tightly sealed bag. Take these steps when multiple hair is being sent. Label with your name and order number.

Step 3: Intake Process

Once your milk package arrives, it will go through the intake process. I will document in my system that your milk package has arrived with the DOA. I will then add it to the "Check Your Order Status" page and I will inspect the milk (check for any leaks, mold, etc). Next, I will print your order form, grab the disposable tools I will be using, pack it together in a ziploc bag, and place it in folder along the other orders waiting to be preserved.

Step 3: Preservation Process
*Cleaning, Sanitization, and Safety Procedures*
All tools used are disposable and will not be used again. All workspace areas are sanitized throughout the entire process and in between each step. There is no cross contamination at any point during your keepsake process.
Once your inclusions arrive, I begin the process preserving your breastmilk. Ashes, placenta powder, lock of hair, etc - do not need additional preparations. These inclusions can be mixed when the creation process begins.
Breastmilk needs to be preserved so that once it is mixed it can last as a keepsake item. This part of the process is vital as it prevents the milk from spoiling. Spoiling can result to it turning color and growing mold. Please keep in mind that sometimes after the process, mold can appear if the sample is contained with too many bacteria components. This is not to worry as this is uncommon but can happen.
Step 5: Drying Process
After your milk is preserved, it is then placed on your order form with wax paper to dry on a drying rack. The powder takes between 24-72 hours on average to completely dry. Once the milk has fully dried, it is then crushed to a fine powder consistency. The finer the powder the better! This helps me pigment your keepsake to its ultimate color.

Step 6: Creation Process
We are just one more step closer to mailing out your keepsake! During this step, I add all the inclusions you send. If any add ons were chosen (ex: color tint, shimmer, flakes) are added as well with your inclusions to create your beautiful keepsake. This process does not have a set timeframe as it all depends on the design I am going for! Once your stone is created, another coat is completed for a final shine look.

Happy Mail Day Coming to You! It's off to being shipped to you!
I package your beautiful inclusions! You should receive a confirmation email with the tracking information (+ shipping insurance too if chosen). It is a 2–3-day shipping time. If it is the holidays, then within 5-7 business days if there are no delays with USPS. International orders will take longer and vary at the time of shipping.

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