Frequently asked questions

Breastmilk and Memorial Keepsakes

What is Breastmilk and/or Keepsake Jewelry?

Breastmilk jewelry is a beautiful way to bring together those special pieces you can honor and empower your motherhood journey. Breastfeeding is a precious time we must bond with our little ones. This is a way to cherish these moments and remind you how you nourished your little one.

Can I purchase a ring but confirm the size later?

Yes, it is REQUIRED for a note to be entered during the checkout process regarding the need to confirm your ring size. Please send the ring size within 3 days via email.

Can I purchase the jewelry if I am not a breastfeeding mother?

Yes! Keepsake Jewelry can capture many other inclusions for you to wear. Ashes are popular for this.

How much breastmilk is needed for the keepsake jewelry and how do I get it to you? 

Only 1 tablespoon (10 to 15 mls) needed per keepsake. If you are unable to send the minimum of 1 teaspoon (5 mls), please contact me. Once you place an order, the confirmation email will have instructions on how to package and ship your breastmilk. Shipping would be responsible by the payee and this can be sent in a bubble mailer (instructions will be on the confirmation email)  the address is provided of where to ship. Please reach out to if you have additional questions.

What kind of inclusions can I send?

  • Breastmilk

- Between 5-10 mls is REQUIRED. Prior to shipping, please put the breastmilk in a sterile storage bag and seal it tightly. Next, put that sterile storage bag in a GALLON size storage bag and securely seal it. After bagging your breastmilk, bag it one more time. If the breastmilk were to leak during transit, I will have the chance to save it all with it being double (or triple) bagged. LABEL the bag with your name and order number.

  • Formula

- Send a tablespoon in a tightly sealed bag. Label with your name and order number.

  • Dried Placenta Powder¬†

- If it is encapsulated, send 1 pill. 

-If it is in a bag, less than a tablespoon is needed. Label with your name and order number.

  • Dried Umbilical¬†Stump

- Crushed or small pieces of the stump is REQUIRED. The entire umbilical stump doesn't need to be sent. If the entire stump is sent, it is sent back.  Label with your name and order number.

  • Ashes/Sand/Formula/Soil:

- Send 1/2 a tablespoon in a tightly sealed bag labeled with your name and order number.

  • Dried Flowers (Funeral/Wedding):

- These MUST be dried prior to sending due to potential mold that can occur during transit. You can leave these outsides under the sun to dry completely. They will have a "crinkle" effect to them to be ready. Please send many petals for variations in color.  Label with your name and order number.

  • Fabric (Piece of clothing, baby sock, baby blanket, etc):

- Cut a piece of the fabric and place it in a tightly sealed bag. Label with your name and order number.

  • Lock of Hair

- Cut about 1-2 inches of hair (needed). Place the lock of hair in a piece of paper and fold it in half, then place it in a tightly sealed bag. Take these steps when multiple hair is being sent.  Label with your name and order number.

Can you do custom metalsmith orders?

  • Yes, I can. I do custom solid gold metalsmith request. I ask that you email me directly at to brainstorm with me on the specific jewelry you are wanting!
  • This type of request does require a deposit that is nonrefundable. Deposit amount is discussed prior to moving onto the next steps!

Can I change my keepsake order after I purchase?ÔĽŅÔĽŅ

ÔĽŅI allow¬†setting changes to a keepsake order within 7 days of the order being placed. If the change is regarding flakes, or an inclusion, please email me. A fee will be required for changes.

I would like to cancel my order. How do I do that?

Cancellations are acceptable within 24 hours of placing, if after 24 hours with a 25% cancellation fee if jewelry has not been worked on. You will need to send an email to with first name, last name, and your order number.Please keep in mind, every piece is custom ordered immediately and will cause delays when an order is cancelled.

Do you ship worldwide (internationally)?

Yes, I ship to all regions! If you experience an issue during your check out process, please reach out to me and I will confirm on my end if your country is added. 

For worldwide shipping, what do I put on my customs form?

You can simply put "jewelry materials" and it will go through easily. I have had packages labeled "breastmilk keepsake" and had no issues either. 

How many inclusions can I include in my keepsake?

I recommend up to three inclusions to be included. You do not want the keepsake to look overwhelmed or cluttered. Visually, you would like to go for a very minimalistic and clean look. **For every additional breastmilk bag or inclusion sent after three, will be an additional fee of $5 per item. The fee covers the use of the extra supplies being used.

Does the breastmilk need to be fresh for the keepsake jewelry?

Fresh/expired/frozen breastmilk is acceptable. Moldy milk cannot be accepted. If at some point, I receive milk that has molded, you will be notified via email IMMEDIATELY.

Can I ask for more than two different breast milks to be mixed in one keepsake?

Yes, this is perfectly fine! You can combine different shades of milk and/or colostrum. The color will vary based on how the milks mix!

Will you keep any leftover breastmilk and inclusions?

Yes, any milk that is left, will be filed, and stored for up to 5 years! This allows you to create a keepsake in the future.

What's the process timeframe for keepsakes?

Once I receive your milk package, I will then enter your order number under the Check Keepsake Status page (in the menu)! Please keep in mind, this timeframe may vary depending on the influx of orders.

Could I request my order to be rushed with an extra fee?

This is an option that is available. I will only allow this if the jewelry is in the shop for your specific order. The fee will apply based on the jewelry.

How will I know if you received my milk package?

Once I receive your package, your order number will be placed on the list. Orders are worked as they came in, not when they are placed. Here is the status page --

Do you offer shipping insurance coverage?¬†ÔĽŅÔĽŅ

Yes, shipping insurance coverage is offered for all shop items. You can insure your shipment (including shipping costs) against loss or damage for up to $5,000.00. This will replace any insurance provided by Route Packaging. Claims are filed online through Route Packaging and handled by Route Packaging. You will have this option via checkout when purchasing your items. 

What should I avoid while caring for my keepsake? 

Avoid direct contact and exposure of all harsh chemicals (perfumes, oils, chlorine, saltwater, hairspray, etc) to your stone. These toxins can alter your keepsake.

Again, AVOID direct contact to the stone.

Restrict direct sunlight exposure as discoloration can occur.

Use your polishing cloth to routinely shine your keepsake.

Gold filled jewelry can tarnish over time if not taken care of.

Wearing your keepsake daily is perfectly fine as long as these steps are followed.

Lastly, cherish and love your keepsake! ♡

Do you offer any discount rates?

Family Bundle discount on cremation ashes for memorial keepsakes - Email for this!


Breastmilk Lathers

Do I have to provide the breastmilk?

Yes, the lathers will be created by the buyers breastmilk (including the keepsake jewelry).

How much breastmilk is needed for the lathers and how do I get it to you?

The BM amount needed is based on the quantity of lathers. Example: If 3 were purchased, 1/2 an ounce = 1.5 oz would need to be sent. Shipping would be responsible by the payee, and this can be sent in a bubble mailer (instructions will be on the confirmation email). Once purchased, the confirmation email will have instructions on how to package and ship your breastmilk. Also, the address is provided of where to ship. Please reach out to if you have additional questions.

Does the breastmilk need to be fresh for the lathers?

No it does not, fresh/expired/frozen breastmilk is equally beneficial due to the micronutrients and enzymes. For the keepsakes, it is the same, it can be fresh/expired/frozen. 

Are the lather add-ons natural and can we request different add-ons?

Yes, and yes! If you would like to request another add-on to your order, please reach out to me via email at or Instagram - @thempoweredmama to inquire!

I really need the lather for my skin/baby’s skin/etc. Can I send in donated breastmilk?

Absolutely! All milk is welcomed!

Can I use "pump and dump" breastmilk?

Yes, you can! Please notify me in the order notes since it is a different hand preserved process that the lather(s) will need.

How long does a lather last?

The lathers will last approximately 4- 8 weeks, depending on how often they are used and whether they are treated with the recommendations suggested for proper care (care instructions will be provided in your package). Compare this lather to a bar of soap! Same care.

Do I have to keep the lather in the fridge in between uses? How do I store the extra ones if I do not have to use at the time?

No refrigeration needed between uses. To maintain freshness with the unused lathers, I recommend keeping in the freezer or leaving the lathers in the wax paper until ready to use!

What's the process timeframe for the lathers? 

Upon receiving your package, It can take 6-8 weeks for the process to be completed, once done they will be shipped out immediately. Please keep in mind, this timeframe may vary depending on the influx of orders.

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