Summer Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom

Summer Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom

The long-awaited time for beach days and fun in the sun is finally here! Being a new breastfeeding mom during the summer has even more obstacles you may not have thought about. Not to worry- here are some FUN tips to use while you enjoy the summer with your baby!

Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit

It’s hard enough finding a good maternity swimsuit that we want to feel good in with our postpartum body, but one that is comfortable and works for breastfeeding? Almost impossible to find!

As a breastfeeding mom, not only do you want a swimsuit that is stylish and that you can feel comfortable wearing at the pool, but you also want one that makes it easy to nurse or pump on the go.

Enter Davin & Adley’s Pumping and Nursing Swim Cami. This brand-new swim top cami is the perfect addition to your swim attire! If you haven’t tried Davin & Adley products, you are definitely missing out.Their bras are versatile, extremely comfortable, have one-handed adjusters, and can work for a variety of breastfeeding needs… and their swim top is no different! 

If you use the code Lizadela10 at checkout, you’ll get 10% off of your order. But hurry, because these definitely have the potential to sell out for the hot summer months coming up!

Another stylish and convenient swimsuit line is Kindred Bravely! These adorable suites are a must have for a breastfeeding mom who wants to look cute at the pool, on the beach, or just relaxing in the backyard, while still breastfeeding with ease. 

Summer Clothes that are Breastfeeding-Friendly

Breastfeeding on the go during summer can be interesting without the right clothing, so finding clothes that make this task simple can help! Here are some features to look for in summer breastfeeding tops:

  • Comfort- It’s getting hot, so think loose and flowy to keep you cool
  • Accessibility- How easy would it be to breastfeed? Are there clasps or buttons you would have to deal with, or can you simply pull the top down or up?
  • Coverage- Some moms prefer to nurse in private, while others will nurse in public. Think about where you would be breastfeeding and plan your clothing accordingly.
  • Style- We all love to look cute! Pick something you feel confident in! 

As far as suggestions, you know I have your back. 

Nursing Queen has many stylish options from cute tops to pajamas. Another option is breastfeeding-friendly dresses. Latched Mama has a great line of comfy and summer-friendly dresses and rompers that will keep you cool during the summer months!

Need a comfortable bra that allows you to nurse and pump during the summer months? Davin and Adley’s Ella and Autumn are must haves! You have the comfort you are looking for but also giving you the privacy you desire! Be sure to use the code Lizadela10 at checkout, you’ll get 10% off of your order.

Using Coolers as a Breastfeeding Mom

If you plan to bring along or store pumped milk on your summer vacations, it is crucial to keep it cold! That’s why finding the perfect cooler bag is needed. 

What should you be looking for? First, you want a well-insulated bag to keep milk cool. Additionally, you should think about the size. If you plan to store more than just breastmilk (snacks for mama are essential, too!) You may want a larger cooler bag. There are also bags that come with pockets to keep bottles from rolling around!

If you are looking for a pretty luxurious and great size bag, I would go with a Sarah Wells bag! These bags are super stylish, durable, comfortable, and easy-to-clean. There's ample space for all portable pumps on the market: Elvie, Medela Pump in Style (with or without a case), Sonata and Freestyle, Willow, Hygeia,Freemie, Spectra (all types), Ardo, Ameda,  Cimilre (S6+, S5+, and P1) and more. Check out the entire brand line, you'll find so much more you will love and to make your summer traveling a lot more trendy!

However, I can't pass on my favorite pump and cooler bag. It is the Luxja Breast Pump Bag on Amazon. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is super roomy and made with a heavy-duty, water-resistant material. A double liner cooler that is available at the top and bottom. An easy-to-clean, no hassle cooler bag like this one (that also has plenty of room for your pumping supplies) is vital for breastfeeding moms during the summer! I love an easy to carry bag with my four kiddos.

But, no matter which bag you choose, ice is crucial! I love these reusable ice packs on Amazon because they are contoured to fit bottles. This not only stops them from moving but wraps them to stay fresh longer!

Breastfeeding Mom Accessories

When breastfeeding in the summer, there are some accessories that you should keep with you to make your life easier!

Specific Pumping Accessories

If you are a pumping mom, bringing your breast pump with you is a necessity! Liked I mentioned, that’s why I love the two breast pump bags with Sarah Wells or on Amazon. Not only does it have compartments for your pump and supplies, but it also doubles as a cooler bag! Need bags to go with it? I love the Haakaa Silicone Bags. They are reusable, easy to label with an erase marker, durable and eco friendly! 

Specific Nursing Accessories 

For nursing moms who like to cover up, a good nursing cover is definitely needed. Although you can plan ahead and find nursing-friendly locations to breastfeed, a lightweight and breathable nursing cover is also a great option to use on the go. Here’s a tutorial on how to use them! 

Self Care for You and Baby

Lastly, it’s important for you (and baby!) to stay cool during the hot summer months. As a breastfeeding mom, hydration is extremely important!  Dehydration can affect your milk supply! Make sure to pack lots of water for your trips so you don’t get dehydrated. To ensure your supply is not impacted, be sure to drink lots of water and add some fresh citrus fruit for some added flavor and benefits. I love the Mama Mason Jar Tumbler from Baremotherhood! It's cute and easy to bring along. Here's a sweet discount code you can use; EMPOWERED10 (including all products)Additionally, these Kai cups are great for little ones to hydrate on the go!

Finally, it’s a good idea to have supplies to keep both of you shaded and cool. For example, make sure to bring along umbrellas, hats, and sunscreen from Earth Mama Organics (if your baby is at that age!). Be sure to use the code THEMPOWEREDMAMA15 for a little discount with Earth Mama Organics (including all products).

Traveling Hacks 

Traveling can be hard! You need to ensure you are prepared and have the essentials needed. 

You will need to be sure you have the following when traveling:

  • A great manual pump! You can directly pump into storage bags for even more ease! Want an example of what I mean? Check out this reel
  • If you are pumping both sides with an electric breast pump, I recommend using the Kiinde Storage Bags and Adapter Kit. You are able to adapt the bags based on the flange and/or bottle!
  • Sanitary wipes and/or spray - Love these by Dapple. Producrs are Pant-Based, Fragrance Free, and Hypoallergenic.
  • Hands free mobile breast pump. I recommend the BabyBuddha. Use discount code: EPMAMA10 (including all products)

Breastfeeding During The Summer

Although breastfeeding in the summer presents obstacles it doesn’t have to put a halt on your summer fun! By planning ahead and grabbing some of these summer essentials, you and your new baby can enjoy all of the fun in summer. Be sure to send this to a friend who needs to see it! 

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