Choosing a Breastfeeding Keepsake  To Remember Your Journey

Choosing a Breastfeeding Keepsake To Remember Your Journey

Breastfeeding is such an emotional journey for a new mom. It completely changes you and is something that you want to embrace forever! Finding a breastfeeding keepsake to empower your journey can help you honor yourself as a mother and remind you of how you nourished your little one.

What is Breast Milk Keepsake Jewelry?

Breastmilk jewelry gives you a way to commemorate your breastfeeding journey. Whether you breastfed for a few hours, few weeks, few years, want to celebrate a rainbow baby, or wish to remember an angel baby— you have so many options!

A breastfeeding keepsake is a sentimental piece that holds value and significant meaning to the wearer. Additionally, it is a great option for an heirloom piece to pass on to your child once they are grown!

Breastmilk Keepsake Ideas

With countless ideas to choose from, breastmilk jewelry can be as unique as your breastfeeding journey! If you aren’t sure which idea fits you best or if you want a custom order, reach out and we can brainstorm some ideas together.

Bands and Rings

Whether you like to keep your jewelry minimal or want something with a little flash, both bands and rings are a great way to remember your breastfeeding journey. Bands have a simpler design that can easily be stacked with other rings as well. Often, rings are more of a statement piece and can be as simple or extravagant as you wish. You could even combine the two to create a gorgeous wedding set

I started off creating rings because they weren’t as popular as other options. However, I loved the idea of wearing breastmilk jewelry in this way! There are so many different options to personalize these pieces. For example, you could add birthstones (like diamonds, moissanite, or cubic zirconia stones) to your design to go along with your child’s birth month. 

Additionally, my bands and rings have many different band styles and can be sized to fit you perfectly. For instance, the Oval Luna Ring has three different metal color choices, stone sizes, and band styles to choose from… And that’s before you start adding in your inclusions! 

Another popular ring choice is the Full Marquise Band. This band alternates between breastmilk and stones, whether they are cubic zirconia or a birthstone of your choice! 

Bracelets and Necklaces

Although similar in style, either a bracelet or necklace could be a gorgeous breastfeeding keepsake. Another great option could be creating a “mommy and me” bundle so your child can have their own special piece of jewelry as well. One example is the L’amour Bracelet. This simple, heart-shaped breastmilk piece would be featured on both of your bracelets.

A favorite necklace example is the Ivana Necklace. This is a very distinctive design and is perfect to display your breastfeeding journey!

The great thing about bracelets and necklaces is the ability to add more pieces to them in the future. For example, you could highlight your breastmilk keepsake with a gold butterfly charm or layer with our Mama necklace.  Or, you could choose to create a charm bracelet or necklace with different breastmilk inclusions (like the Luna Charm Necklace) or birthstones.


From studs to dangling earrings, this breast milk keepsake jewelry can be designed to fit your personal style. Earrings are a minimalistic way to remember your breastfeeding journey no matter the occasion!

One of my favorite designs is the Amelia Earrings. These pieces have a beautiful round bezel shape with halo cubic zirconia stones and can even be paired with the Amelia Necklace or Ring. 

Jewelry Design

My jewelry keepsake options come in a variety of metals, sizes, and shapes. For example, you can choose sterling silver, rose gold-filled, gold-filled, or even a solid gold option like the Solid Gold Elsie Marquise Band. If you want a custom piece in solid gold, just send me an email! We can make it happen! 

Additionally, you can always check out the keepsake gallery for some inspiration on creating your own piece! I would also love to create a custom design for you so you have something completely unique.

Breastmilk Lathers

A breastfeeding keepsake isn’t only limited to jewelry! Lathers are a great way to combine breastmilk with other beneficial ingredients to promote healthy skin. There are antibacterial properties in breastmilk, making it an incredible choice to treat anything from a scrape to clearing acne or rashes. 

Different ingredients, flowers, and herbs can amplify the effects of a breastmilk lather. For example, rose petals can help with dry skin, redness, and inflammation. Oats are a great exfoliant and can improve your complexion, and Lavender can heal skin conditions, burns, and cuts. Lastly, a popular option is Calendula which is great for treating acne, dark spots, and maintaining skin balance. Lathers are a great option to take a small amount of breastmilk and turn it into a useful keepsake!

How to Choose a Breastfeeding Keepsake

Choosing a keepsake is completely individual to you, and it depends on your circumstances, obstacles, preferences, and overall journey.

All of the keepsake options require very little breastmilk, making them ideal even if you struggled with a supply or don’t have much to use. All I need is between 5-10mL and you can have a gorgeous piece that shares your breastfeeding journey!

You’ll also want to think about how you want your breastmilk to be showcased. There are some designs that are surrounded by stones, while others are created solely with your breastmilk.

You may choose a keepsake to celebrate a rainbow baby and want a piece as special as your child. This is why I offer custom designs, so we can come up with a design that you will love!

Also, think about whether you want to wear the piece daily or only on occasion. Breastfeeding jewelry needs extra care so that it does not discolor or alter the keepsake in any way. 

There are even non-breast milk keepsakes that allow you to remember special circumstances. You may choose to include ashes or funeral flowers for a loved one if you experienced infant loss, a stillborn child, or the loss of your child at a young age. Or, you could use wedding flowers to celebrate a marriage during your pregnancy. 

What To Include In A Breastfeeding Keepsake

In addition to preserving your breastfeeding memories, keepsakes can also have other inclusions to make them special. Besides breastmilk, other options include:

  • Formula
  • Dried Placenta Powder
  • Dried Umbilical Stump
  • Ashes/Sand/Soil
  • Dried Flowers
  • Fabric
  • Lock of Hair
  • Ultrasound Photo Pieces
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Hospital Bracelet
  • And more!

No matter what your breastfeeding journey looks like, all of these options make a breastfeeding keepsake ideal! Every individual journey is special, and your story will be told based on the sentimental pieces you would love to add.

In addition, you can add colorful flakes or shimmers to make your design individual. The most important part of your breast milk keepsake is that it represents you and your baby! Creating a personal piece can help you reflect on this special and important time of your life. Whatever you decide, I always recommend keeping your inclusions to a minimum (typically no more than three inclusions). This keeps it from feeling cluttered or overwhelmed with items.

Even if you decide to create a simple keepsake with only breastmilk, the design will still be one of a kind for you! Different shades of milk will change the color, making no two pieces exactly the same.

Why Should I Get A Breastfeeding Keepsake?

Whether you had a great experience, struggled with breastfeeding, are in the process of weaning, or were unable to breastfeed due to other reasons, a breastfeeding keepsake can help you cherish your journey. I want you to feel empowered. You provided your baby’s greatest nutrition day in and day out, regardless of all of the obstacles you faced. This is what it’s all about: empowering your journey. This completely individual piece can provide you comfort, remind you of your strength, and honor the time you spent with your little one.

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