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How much breastmilk is needed for a keepsake?

Only 1 tablespoon (10 to 15 mls) needed per keepsake. If you are unable to send the minimum of 1 teaspoon (5 mls) and would really love a keepsake, please email me. If you are to send more than the requested amount, I will send an email on your options with the additional milk.

Does my breastmilk need to be fresh?

Fresh, expired, and/or frozen breastmilk is acceptable (including for a breastmilk lather). No ice packs are needed for shipping. Moldy milk cannot be preserved. If I receive milk that appears with mold, you will be notified via email IMMEDIATELY.

Will my breastmilk jewelry turn yellow?

No, your breastmilk stone will not turn yellow. I ensure I use high quality materials for your stone to not turn color. If your milk stone is exposed to any color tinting (food coloring, hair dye, paint, etc), that will change the color. However, it will NOT change color with following normal care instructions and daily wearing.

How do I ship my breastmilk?

Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email with packaging and shipping instructions! Along with the address of where to send your milk package.

Can I wet my breastmilk jewelry?

I recommend not wetting your jewelry with water as the milk stones are coated for that beautiful shine. The water will make the stone become dull, but will still have a milky look.

Can I purchase a ring but confirm the size within a couple days?

Yes, it is REQUIRED for a note to be entered during the checkout process regarding the need to confirm your ring size. Please send the ring size within 3 days via email.

Do you ship worldwide (internationally)?

Yes, I ship to all regions! If you experience an issue during your check out process, please reach out to me and I will confirm on my end if your country is added. 

Do you offer discount rates?

Yes, only less than a handful a year. However, I do offer Family Bundle discount with cremation ash memorial keepsakes.and Email for more on this!

More FAQs?

    • What's the process timeframe for the lathers? 
      • Upon receiving your package, It can take 6-8 weeks for the process to be completed, once done they will be shipped out immediately. Please keep in mind, this timeframe may vary depending on the influx of orders.



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