5 Benefits of Baby Wearing

5 Benefits of Baby Wearing

Although it has changed over time, babywearing has almost always been an important part of caring for children. The benefits of baby wearing are practically endless, but here are 5 of my favorite benefits you can see by using this trend!

1. Promotes Skin-to-Skin

One of the top benefits of baby wearing is that it allows you to practice skin-to-skin. Unicef explains that there are tons of benefits when doing skin-to-skin, including

  • Calming and relaxing both you and your baby
  • Regulating baby’s heart rate, temperature, and breathing
  • Encouraging hormones (oxytocin) related to breastfeeding
  • Reducing stress-levels
  • Potentially preventing infections in baby

All of that close physical contact has been proven to promote attachment and bonding! Parents who practice baby wearing tend to be more responsive to their baby’s needs, mothers are more likely to breastfeed, and it promotes language development. On top of all of that, it’s great for parents as well!

2. Lifesaver for a Single Mom

But if you are a single mom, you might not find as much time to practice skin-to-skin! This is where the benefits of baby wearing come in. You can do skin-to-skin while babywearing around your home, giving your baby all the warmth and connection they need while still being able to multitask! 

Babywearing can be a tremendous help for single moms. You can use the benefits of baby wearing to spend time with your little one and also get tasks done. For example, you can easily make dinner, play with your other children, go grocery shopping, or do some computer or hand work while babywearing. 

3. Reduces the Startle Reflex

One of the other benefits of baby wearing is that it can reduce your baby’s startle reflex. According to Healthline, the startle or Moro reflex is involuntary and occurs when they hear a loud noise or sense sudden movement. This is mostly seen in newborn babies. 

So how can babywearing reduce this? When your baby is wrapped up tightly close to you, they are more relaxed. They won’t be as startled by loud noises and because they are basically “swaddled” against you, they are less likely to feel that falling or moving sensation that leads to the startle reflex.

4. Leads to Longer Sleep Sessions

In addition, babywearing can also help babies sleep longer! Yes, you heard that right!

The startle reflex is lowered so they are less likely to wake abruptly.

On top of that, babies sleep better when they are close to their mom. While it would be great to take a break and relax while your baby sleeps next to you, that doesn’t always occur. Every baby has different needs and wants. 

Your baby wants to be close to you. Anything from the sound of your heartbeat or voice to your smell can make all the difference in how long your baby sleeps. This is because your baby feels most comforted when you are close.

Lastly, babies love the gentle rocking motion of you walking around. This is what they felt every single day in the womb. Babywearing allows you to mimic this experience which can lead to longer sleep.

5. Babywearing Allows You to Breastfeed

If you need to nurse on the go, babywearing is a great option!

There are many styles of babywearing wraps, but most of them allow you to get your baby in a position to nurse discreetly and easily. This can also help your baby latch quickly and correctly because they are in a great position to do so!

Also, if you want to breastfeed in public but want some privacy, a babywearing cover can give you that. Some moms find it easier to breastfeed with a babywearing wrap than with a blanket or normal cover.

If you aren’t sure about breastfeeding while babywearing or how to make this process work for you, let’s chat! I offer lactation sessions to talk about any of your breastfeeding questions.

My Favorite Babywearing Carriers

With babywearing becoming more and more popular, there are so many different wraps and carriers to choose from. These are my top three favorite wraps to utilize those benefits of baby wearing (not in order of favorite to least).

1. Baby K’Tan

The Baby K’Tan wrap is an amazing carrier that is much easier to use than some of the other wraps out there! It has a double loop design to make carrying your baby simple. They have 7 different styles of wraps to choose from with different materials. It is important to note, however, that this carrier comes in 6 different sizes so you can get the perfect fit.

2. Moby Wrap

The Moby Wrap is another great carrier that is much more universal (meaning there aren’t specific sizes). Their wraps are super cute and come in a variety of colors and prints. In addition to the wrap, they also have a carrier and sling to choose from!

3. WildBird

One of my newest favorites is the WildBird sling wrap. This sling has a simple design and is easily adjustable. It works for children up to 35lbs, making it a great option for toddlers as well!

When Can I Babywear?

While babywearing is a great option for newborns and younger babies, it is possible to babywear as your child gets older! 

Just keep in mind that every wrap and carrier has a different weight limit. As your child gets older, it may become necessary to get a larger carrier. For example, the WildBird and Baby K’Tan carriers work for children up to 35lbs, and the Moby Wrap works up to 33lbs. 

You can also babywear in different positions. Especially as your baby gets older and their neck strength increases, you may find other positions to be more comfortable and allow your baby to explore the world around them. Older babies and toddlers will appreciate the different ways that allow them to see what’s going on!

Babywearing with Toddlers

With options available to carry your toddler, here are some benefits to continuing to babywear!

First, toddlers are unpredictable. Sometimes, their curiosity can be frustrating while you are trying to get your tasks done out in public! Babywearing allows you to get shopping or other tasks done without chasing a toddler around as well.

Additionally, babywearing your toddler still provides the benefits discussed above. It can help calm them down and keep them centered when there is a lot going on around them.

It also allows your child to see things from a different point of view. Sometimes, your child just wants to see what you are doing while you’re trying to make dinner. This is a great way to keep working, hands-free!

And lastly, wearing your toddler is also just more convenient at times. You can opt-out of bringing a stroller on a trip and instead use a carrier. 

The Benefits of Baby Wearing

Overall, babywearing is a great option for moms, whether you are on the go or a SAHM! It has many benefits for both mom and baby and allows you to build a close bond between you and your little one. Babywearing leads to a calmer, happier baby… which means mom is happier, too!

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