3 Ways You Can Celebrate Breastfeeding Week

3 Ways You Can Celebrate Breastfeeding Week

August is National Breastfeeding Month and each year, we kick it off with World Breastfeeding Week! This is the perfect time to not only educate others on the benefits of breastfeeding but also to celebrate your own breastfeeding journey. Here are three ways you can celebrate your personal experience during breastfeeding week!

1. Share Your Breastfeeding Story

Whether you talk to a new breastfeeding mom or want to go public on social media, one of the best ways to celebrate your breastfeeding journey is to talk about it! There are also so many benefits to sharing your experience with other moms!

There are so many benefits but to start, it helps new or struggling moms know that they aren’t alone. To know someone else has gone through the same experiences, struggles, and joys as them! You may also inspire another breastfeeding mama too.

You may or may not face challenges with nursing and/or pumping; but it helps people who aren't  understand what it is like as a breastfeeding mom. Just speak from your experience, excluding the facts and studies.

And lastly, it can provide you with an outlet to share your own story! It can be healing to tell others what you experienced, what you learned, and what you wish you had known before starting your breastfeeding journey. 


2. Make it A Celebration

If you are someone who likes to celebrate in a big way, this is your time to do it! I love to celebrate any milestones and this is why I am encouraging you to do it too!! There are so many creative ways you can celebrate breastfeeding week and your own journey!

For example, You could celebrate with your friends and family at a breastfeeding week party, have a special breastfeeding photo shoot, get a personalized tattoo, grab yourself a milestone boob cake, or even take a small self care vacation!

The whole idea of a breastfeeding week celebration is to highlight your personal journey and to draw awareness for all the mothers in the breastfeeding community. Whichever way you decide to celebrate, make sure you take some time to reflect on how far you’ve come and your experience as a breastfeeding mom!

3. Create Your Breastmilk Jewelry

If you’re looking for a completely personal and extremely special way to commemorate your journey during breastfeeding week, my favorite way is to get a breastmilk keepsake. Not only can you create a piece that is unique to you, but it is also an item you can hold onto and cherish forever, It is an heirloom to pass down too.

Every piece of breastmilk jewelry I make has a special story behind it. I love hearing what other breastfeeding moms have experienced and why they are choosing to remember their journey in this way. 

The best part about breastmilk keepsakes is that they allow you to celebrate each individual breastfeeding journey. Each new baby brings on a new set of challenges, joys, and allows you to create a special bond with that child.

Because there are so many options to choose from, I have a blog post to help you decide which piece is right for you. Or, you can check out the keepsake gallery for inspiration and see how other moms’ designs have turned out! If you need some additional help with how to design your keepsake, email me here.

Taking Time During Breastfeeding Week to Celebrate

However you decide to celebrate your breastfeeding journey, make sure you take some time to reflect and focus on how special it was! Whether you are still breastfeeding or those days are long over, you created a special bond with your baby during that time… Don’t ever forget that!

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